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Subject: Experiments with Facebook and LinkedInFrom: “Simha R. Magal” <simha@magal.com>

Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 21:19:10 -0400

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The emergence of web 2.0 (or whatever else your term is for this) has sparked an interest in the potential of such technologies in higher education. Some claim that it is the “next best thing,” in an early stage of evolution. Many universities have wikis and blogs to support teaching. Organizations are using wikis and blogs for knowledge management.

There are many other tools, however, and many of us appear not to know much about them. Examples include facebook, linkedin, and second life. Our students, on the other hand, are avid users of such tools . I have observed with fascination, the use of these tools by my students and my children. They seem to be always connected; news and

information sharing is almost instantaneous. This has prompted me

wonder about the potential of these tools in higher education? Recent conference and journal CFPs on the subject indicates that there is broader interest in these tools.

My limited experiments with my students shows potential. There are several issues, however. Privacy appears to be among the most talked about (and perhaps least understood). Others include appropriate uses, faculty participation, resources, etc. To learn more about these, I have created a “space” for MIS professors on facebook

(facebook.com) and on LinkedIn (linkedin.com).

Facebook is perceived as more for kids, but it has a growing adult, professional and corporate population. LinkedIn is aimed at professional relationships. My limited experience is that FB has far more capabilities.

I invite you to participate in this experiment to learn and share your knowledge about these tools, and their role in higher education, as a networking tool for academics and to support teaching and other activities. You can participate by joining the following activities (and a third one to be accounced via separate email).

Facebook group for MIS Professors. Create an account at facebook.com. Be sure to set very restrictive privacy settings, until you figure out what they mean. Then join the group called MIS Professors, and participate in the discussion about the value of these technologies in higher education.

LinkedIn group for MIS professors. Create an account at linkedin.com. Joiin the group called MIS Professors.

I know you will be tempted to respond to me or the list with your thoughts, but I urge you to use the Facebook group discussion board to share your thoughts.

LinkedIn recently updated their groups feature. New groups are not

yet visible in the directory. So below is a link to join the group:



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