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November 26, 2007
The Seven Tenets Of The Information Workplace
Enterprise Web 2.0 Pushes the Information Workplace Forward
This is the 15th document in the “Information Workplace” series
by Erica Driver, Connie Moore
with Matthew Brown, Rob Karel, G. Oliver Young, Jeffrey S. Hammond, Jamie Barnett

This is a document excerptEXECUTIVE SUMMARY
When Forrester first described the Information Workplace in 2005, we positioned it as the next-generation platform that delivered collaboration, content, portals and office productivity — plus a plethora of new capabilities bursting on the scene, such as unified communications and expertise location. But the Information Workplace (IW) has never been about the piece parts. Instead, what makes the Information Workplace transformational is how the piece parts are built into a seamless whole that supports people in the way they want to work. Specifically, we described the IW as role-based, contextual, seamless, visual, and multimodal. Now — fast-forward to late 2007 —enterprise Web 2.0 is rapidly advancing, bringing even greater “Design for People” concepts into the IW. For example, through the power of social networking and mashups, which allow people to have it their way, the IW can go beyond role-based to even become individualized. With enterprise Web 2.0, the IW also gains two new facets: “social” and “quick.” With all these characteristics, the IW will better support a “Design for People” world and allow people to work in a much more natural way.



itemEnterprise Web 2.0’s Biggest IW Contributions: Individualized, Social, And Quick

itemContext: Enhanced With RSS And 3-D Internet (Virtual Worlds)

itemSeamlessness: RIAs, Mashups, And Tagging Tear Down Walls Of Encumbrance

itemIndividualized: Role-Based Is Not Enough

itemVisual: Moving Away From Text And Numbers Into A World Of Images

itemSocial: IWs Will Connect People In Meaningful Ways

itemQuick: New Software Business Models And SOA Speed Up IW Delivery

itemIW Scenarios In A Web 2.0 World


itemI&KM Pros: Embrace Web 2.0 As Part Of Your IW Strategy

This report is based on conversations Forrester has had with many clients during the past year.

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