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Government has endorsed the recommendations of Government 2.0 taskforce.I must commend the government, AGIMO and Kate for leading in this space.

As an academic I saw the potential of web 2.0 technologies for government and was hoping to do some research on government’s use of web 2.0 since 2006-07. I remember meeting with Kate Lundy in 2007 in a small coffee shop, talking about her new site where she was uploading podcasts and was excited about it. Though small, but Kate had already started her journey since then. We know how much Kate has achieved since 2007 (reflected in her recent public spheres and in her on-going efforts).

The picture was quite grim with AGIMO back in 2007- nobody had any interest in web 2.0! I found it very difficult to get access and knowledge of what agencies were doing in this space. In fact was repeatedly reminded by my academic colleagues that nothing was happening. I almost lost hope. However the establishment of the Government 2.0 taskforce in July 2009, AGIMO’s sudden leading role in facilitating Gov 2.0 agenda changed the game. What AGIMO achieved with the help of taskforce in just the 6 months or so – seems like work that takes years to do. AGIMO turning into a web 2.0 champion is a great achievement for all web 2.0 evangelists who have been lobbying hard for the last 2-3 years.

I have to admit there is still not much academic work done in this space, in particular in Australian context. I still have my colleagues telling me “so what the government has endorsed Gov 2.0?” It will take years before it gets implemented through the intricacies of bureaucratic cultures of APS. I believe it is time for academics to take Gov 2.0 seriously – it’s not a fad, its reality. Hopefully the government’s endorsement will create momentum and APS will embrace web 2.0. Academics will start to see the fruits of web 2.0 in some area while others struggling to make it work for government’s business. Academics will need to go through the same challenges of change – let go of their existing beliefs about what government means, what governance means and how governments deliver services and engage with their citizens. Academics need to explore open government ideas; embrace the changes being brought about with the declaration of open government. Now truly I see several PhDs within the Gov 2.0 space in Australian government context.


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