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Subject: CFP ECSCW07 – Workshop “Why CSCW research? Web 2.0 and Social Software solve our problems anyhow!”From: Michael Koch <michael.koch@in.tum.de>Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 07:25:56 +0200X-Message-Number: 4 CFP Workshopat European Conference on CSCW in Limerick, Irland (24-28.9.2007) 

Why CSCW research?Web 2.0 and Social Software solve our problems anyhow! 

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the applications, services and =20= trends that are currently summarized by the terms “Web 2.0” and =20 “Social Software” from a CSCW perspective. Participants shall present =20= their experiences or own developments in the Web 2.0 vicinity with =20 the following focus: Which CSCW aspects are addressed by current Web =20 2.0 / Social Software developments and vice versa? What are or could be the contributions of CSCW to the Web 2.0 phenomenon? The expected result of the workshop is a consolidated collection of the relationships between Web 2.0 and CSCW. Motivation The media has found a new hot subject with the Web 2.0 topic. No large newspaper or magazine that has not yet reported about Web 2.0 or Social Software in general or specific application classes (e.g. Wikis and Blogs) or applications and platforms such as Wikipedia, Delicious, Google Calendar, YouTube, or SecondLife. a CSCW point of view it is interesting to note that most Web 2.0 or Social Software applications are cooperation support applications. Thus Web  2.0 should actually be an original CSCW topic. Most of what currently is advertised as a revolution on the Web has =20 been there as CSCW applications years (or even decades) ago =96 =20 however, not as nice and not as usable as today in the Web 2.0. So, something seems to have changed. Is it just the connectivity of the users? Or is it a more fundamental characteristic that we have missed in CSCW? (e.g. networks instead of communities?) In our opinion the Web 2.0 and Social Software fields could benefit a lot from applying CSCW research results to their work and vice versa the CSCW field could benefit from taking a closer look into what is happening in the Web 2.0 and Social Software fields. This is especially true since the Social Software field is currently extending its application area to supporting teams in companies (“Enterprise 2.0”). However, it appears that the interaction between both communities is minimal. 

The objective of the workshop is therefore a discussion of the following topics: – Which CSCW aspects are addressed by the current Web 2.0 developments? What can we learn from these? What could be the (new) characteristics of CSCW 2.0 and Groupware 2.0? 😉– What is the past and future impact of CSCW on Web 2.0? Examples for possible aspects are: Social Computing, Networks vs. Communities, Individual Contributions and Linking (Blogs) vs. Community-based Knowledge Management, Tagging, Ajax and Mash-Ups (Web-=20= based applications), Access Control vs. Social Control =85 The expected result of the workshop is a consolidated collection of the Web 2.0 and CSCW relationships as well as list of future research topics.  

Procedure Workshop participants are requested to a submit position paper that addresses one of the above questions. Using practical examples the participants should demonstrate how the concepts and developments behind the Web 2.0 and Social Software movement has influenced or =could influence CSCW and vice versa, e.g. what Web 2.0 characteristics could make a good basis for future CSCW research and development. Position papers will be presented and discussed during the workshop. At the end of each discussion a relationship between CSCW and Web 2.0 as well as a new research question shall be identified. The workshop will take place as a full day session with a maximum of 12 to 14 participants selected on the basis of the submitted position papers. Submissions should be sent to michael.koch AT unibw.de by July 2nd 2007. Position papers will be reviewed by the workshop organizers and notification of acceptance will be given by the second week of July (before the early registration deadline).  

Organisers The workshop will be organized by the Special Interest Group on CSCW of the German Computer Society (GI) (Prof. Dr. Michael Koch and Prof. Wolfgang Prinz, PhD). Please direct any requests to Prof. Dr. Michael KochUniversitaet der Bundeswehr WOW5.3Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 3985577 Neubibergmichael.koch AT unibw.de   


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